Company Mission

Company Mission

Committed to the supply of high-quality aquatic products, providing high quality aquatic protein for humans

Business  Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Only by being kindly can we go further, only by doing a good job of quality can we go better.

Company Vision

Company Vision

Create a century-old enterprise and become a leader in the aquatic industry


Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co.,LTD.

Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co.Ltd., established in 2004,company is a national agricultural industrialization key leader integrating hatchery, ecological breeding, feed production, aquatic product processing, food testing and aquatic product research, warehousing and logistics, biotechnology and sales integration enterprise. The main products are tilapia, golden pompano, vannamei shrimp and other sea fishing and deep processing products. Among them, Xiangtai gold pompano and tilapia passed the pollution-free certification, “Same line production,same standard production,same quality”and has more than 10 international certifications such as BRC, ACC, IFS, GGAP, BAP and ASC. Xiangtai always pays attention to the quality of products, realizes the traceability of products from source to dining table. It is the aquatic product brand with original ecology, safe and healthy, high quality and national trust.



530 hectares of exclusive marine ranch 10 nautical miles away
Professional and technical personnel full-time maintenance
"HACCP+ISO 9001" Dual Quality System full Monitoring

Feast Time

A meal to remember a happy time, a meal to tell a

Health Tips

Take care of your health

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